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Ooh, pictures, don't you just love 'em? Anyway, here you will find my favourite pictures of Chris, or pictures from his creations. Enjoy!


I *love* this picture. Lovely colours, lovely angle, lovely Chris *g*. Hey, what can I say, it's great!

This is just too damn cool for words. If only *all* money was like this. :)

First Person Shooter. I love this episode.

I'm an Ice fan OK?

Ditto Darkness Falls. *g*

Oh my God! The stress has finally made Chris lose his head!*g*

The rather groovy Rolling Stone magazine cariacature of Chris.

Ummm, Chris, aren't you supposed to lie in *bed*? *g*

David and The Man Carter on the set of Fight The Future.

The Disclaimer Dance: Some (or most of) the pictures or text on this site may be copyright (c) Twentieth Century Fox or Ten Thirteen Productions. They are merely meant as a homage to the great Chris Carter, not as a replacement for any of the shows or films mentioned. Hey, don't sue me; I'm a student and have no money to give you. :)