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This is my Chris Carter devotion site-the newest site on the web devoted to the man who brought us such classics as Millennium, Harsh Realm, and, of course, The X-Files.

UPDATED 27/06/00
New Page: What Does That Mean?-looking at what all those cryptic names mean!

UPDATED 26/06/00
New Review: Jersey Devil
Reviews: Re-arranged, quotes and pics for the next few episodes added.

UPDATED 23/06/00
New Reviews:Pilot and Deep Throat
New Pictures
New Miscellaneous: Pics from 'The Springfield Files'
Filmography/X-Files Eps Finished (whoops-missed S5 Onwards)

David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson and Chris at The Golden Globe Awards, 1998

This site is soon to include pictures, detailed reviews of Chris' creations, by me and other people, a biography of the man himself, additional information and background reading on the subjects of his shows, article, interviews...the list goes on. So, draw up a nice comfy chair, get yourself a cup of Starbucks, and take a look around!

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The Disclaimer Dance: Some (or most of) the pictures or text on this site may be copyright (c) Twentieth Century Fox or Ten Thirteen Productions. They are merely meant as a homage to the great Chris Carter, not as a replacement for any of the shows or films mentioned. Hey, don't sue me; I'm a student and have no money to give you. :)